Set Objectives

Track progress

Measure results

You Shouldn't Make Strategic or Tactical Decisions in the Dark

If you lead your team based on hunches and assumptions you are likely to be held back by:

  • Not spotting quick improvement opportunities

  • A lack of individual accountability

  • Spending too much budget on external expertise

  • Extra efforts needed to keep team morale high

  • An empty innovation funnel

  • An overall disconnect with the company mission

Training modules

In 4-weeks, you will define personal development plans for all your team members and create dashboards to track individual and team improvements.

In the end, you will understand why investing in employee development is the real game-changer for leaders who want to build high-performing teams.

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Set Development Objectives

Understand what motivates each team member and what skills they want to develop.


Track individual Progress

Define personal development plans and check in with team members to coach as needed.


Measure Team Results

Create individual and team performance dashboards to spot the most critical improvement points.


Bring It All Together

Add a dashboard reporting to your playbook and use it to motivate the team to improve performance.


How to Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

€ 970
  • Four 1-hour, 1-on-1 online sessions

  • 12 hours of homework assignments

  • On-going feedback on your content

Training scheduled based on your preferred dates.

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Master class for Innovation & Accelerator Programs

Are you an Incubator or Accelerator Manager looking for help to design modules for your innovation programs?

I've designed innovation programs for large, global organizations and coached 100s of startups and corporate innovation teams on the topics of Lean Startup, Business Modelling, Go-to-Market, Brand Thinking, and Brand Marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this trainings for?

This training is for a founders or corporate venture leads who are ready to think about embedding systems to scale their business.

What is my time investment?

You will need at least 1 hour a week for our workshop session. The rest will depend on how much time you spend preparing for the sessions, but most participants spend somewhere between 3 to 5 hours a week.

So, around 16 hours spread throughout the 4-week program.

How theoretical or practical is this course?

I would say 20% theory and 80% practical exercises.

We start each session by reviewing the assignments you prepared and answering any questions you might have. After that, I will briefly introduce the new module, backed with some examples, and then brainstorm how the theory applies to your situation.

Will I have access to the training material after I finish?

Yes, I will share all the workbook exercises and case studies we cover during the training in a downloadable pdf format.

What does ongoing support mean?

During the training weeks, you can reach me through email, phone, or Slack to ask any questions about the content outside of the agreed training days.


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If you haven't already, I recommend you follow both the Team Strategy and Team Design trainings to make the best use of time during this training.

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Team Performance

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