Team Governance

Employee development

Performance tracking

Practice makes perfect

It takes many iterations to remove performance obstacles.

  • Energy draining meetings

  • Poor team dynamics

  • Low individual accountability

  • High resistance to change

  • Lack of innovation ideas

  • Low employee satisfaction

In this training, you will learn a framework to build up the mindset & skills of high-performing teams.


Training modules

In 4-modules, you will learn how to set your governance structure, track performance, and build a sense of accountability to improve team efficiency and effectiveness.

Team development takes time and patience. I recommend spreading the 2-hour sessions over 4 weeks so you have time to apply what you learn and ask for feedback. However, if you are more interested in learning the tools to apply later, you can choose for a 1-day course.

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Team routines

Create a team governance structure and learn how to embed it within your team.


Operational excellence

Create team performance dashboards to track progress and prioritize improvement needs.


Learning & Development

Create a template for employee development plans and design business skills training programs.


Financial modelling

Create a financial model to forecast the potential impact of your strategic decisions.


Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

€ 970
  • 1-day training or 4 two-hour sessions

  • Onsite or online

  • Ongoing feedback on your work

  • Flexible schedule

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What you'll get

At the end of the training, you will have templates to support you on your team development journey:

  • Employee development plan

  • Performance tracking dashboards

  • Skills training program

  • Financial forecasting model

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this trainings for?

This training is for a founders or corporate venture leads who are ready to start developing team dynamics and employee skills to improve the overall team performance.

What is my time investment?

You will need 8 hours for the sessions and 16 hours for preparation.

How theoretical or practical is this course?

I would say 20% theory and 80% practical exercises.

We start each session by introducing the exercises, backed by a real-life case study. We'll then adjust the templates to fit your business and I'll answer your questions on how to best apply them within your team.

Will I have get the material at the of the training?

Yes, I will share all the exercises and case studies we covered during the training with you in a downloadable PDF format.

What if I'm not happy with the training?

You'll know the answer to this after the first module. If it's not what you expected, let me know, and I will refund your money. Consider the first module as a free trial.

THis is the Third Training in the Team Design Program

If you don't have a clear strategy for your business on paper, I recommend you start with the Business Strategy training before following this one.

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Clarify your strategy on the product, marketing, sales, and operations levels.

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Organization Design

Define your team structure, roles, workflows, and work principles.

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Team Development

Optimize team governance and design training programs to boost performance.

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