It's Never Too Late to Start Framing Your Team Culture

An unattended team culture can feel like a sharp pebble in your shoe when you want to grow your business. If you're not what you should do to create a strong team culture, this master class will teach you six core elements you can use to influence team dynamics.

In 3 hours, we will go through practical exercises and real-life examples of some things you can do as a leader to create a team culture that fits your leadership style. You will learn to distinguish high-performing teams from the ordinary and discover how to shape a culture that helps your team achieve business goals.

By the end of the master class, you'll understand what levers you can pull as a leader to create a framework that improves team efficiency, communication, and a shared sense of purpose.

Master Class Content

  • What makes a group high-performing
  • How to decide on your team values
  • How to create the right culture for your team
  • How to decide on your communication rituals
  • What makes teamwork fun
  • What to watch out for as you grow the team

Homework Assignment

I prepared a small list of questions to help you prepare for the master class. Like that, we make the most of the time we have together.

Please submit your answers by October 1st. 

  1. Why did you start the company?
  2. What would you say are the company's guiding principles? 
  3. What are your top 3 business goals for 2024?
  4. Could you create a list of milestones you need to reach to achieve those goals?
  5. How is your company structured: do you have any sub-teams or departments?
  6. How many employees and freelancers work for the company, and what are their roles?
  7. Do you have recurring team meetings? If so, can you list their names, how often they take place, and their purpose?
  8. How do you track team and individual performance?
  9. What are your biggest struggles when it comes to team culture?
  10. What would you like to learn in this master class?

About Ángel Figueroa

Tactical games fascinate me. Whether sports or board games, I love to read the game and break through the perceived complexity.

I have seen too many innovation projects fail due to a lack of a good team design. Many know the theory but tend to get overwhelmed in the execution. What if you assume that business is simple by nature and that your challenge is to keep it that way. That said, ready to work on the basics?

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