Hacking Away at Single-Use Paper
Designing a team to scale up a sustainable business.

About Ángel Figueroa

A few years ago, I was an exhausted startup founder who needed to press pause on the hectic day-to-day grind. And I had an 'original plan' to go and refocus on the island of Bali.

Fast forward, I’m a 40-year-old strategist with a bucketload of startup and innovation experience. An Aerospace Engineer turned entrepreneur. From operational excellence consultant at Capgemini to sport tech startup founder and back to corporate innovation program lead at Aimforthemoon.

Today, I run Tortuga Solutions, an agency that invests in startups. We join co-founders to help them get the brand marketing in place and design a team that can scale the business. Or, as I like to say, we turtleize the company.

This journal is for startup founders and young product managers struggling to launch new ventures or scale an existing one. I hope the real-life examples from my experience of scaling MOYU help you succeed in your startups or corporate ventures.