A Little Structure Might be all You're Missing to Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

If you are launching a new product or service to market, it probably feels like you have the weight of the whole world leaning on your shoulders. The pressure of meeting ambitious milestones within tight deadlines and with limited resources is gradually taking its toll. And yet, you feel that if you had a little more structure, you'd get much better business results. And that's where this training comes in!

You Should Not Be Winging Your Game Plan

To become a strong leader, you have to first master the basics of team design. But it’s not as easy as it seems:

  • Team coordination eats up your time

  • You're faced with many complex tasks

  • It's hard to always connect with team members

  • It's expected that you can handle the pressure

  • You feel stretched in 100 different directions

  • Lack of focus is slowly draining your energy

In this training, you will learn how to sharpen your strategy and tactics and bind them within a playbook that creates the clarity your team needs to rise to your business challenge.


Training Modules

In 7-weeks, I’ll take you through my signature team-challenge fit framework. You will have practical exercises to prepare for each module so we can dive right into the good stuff during our 2-hour weekly sessions.

At the end of the program, you’ll have seen real-life examples and created your playbook as a starting point for building a high-performing team.



Learn a structured approach to building a team ready to tackle your business challenge.


Map Your Strategy

Learn to clearly define the game plan you will follow to achieve long-term goals.


Create a Team Structure

Learn to define the task divisions within your team and their primary objectives.


Set Your Roadmap Milestones

Learn to decide on realistic 'short-term' milestones that your team can chase.


Model Your Business

Learn to make an overview of the elements you will need to grow your business.


Design Your Workflows

Learn to map the primary processes and the team roles you need to run them.


Pitch Your Playbook

Bring it all together within a thin playbook you can share with your team.

“I liked the course structure. It made it easy to see the steps I need to make. We built a roadmap with concrete milestones, which was essential for me to understand the resources I need in each phase so I could set my team up for success.”

Carol da Diva
Co-Founder of The Bridge @ Green School

“After 3 years of running to get Meet jack to market, it was a relief to have Ángel guide me through the process of designing our marketing team. Boost of energy to see how small changes had such a positive impact on our marketing results.”

Marjolein Pleune
Co-Founder of Meet Jack

“Ángel’s branding and team management insights brought new energy and ideas to our scrum teams. I believe he will be a key asset for any organization, specially those looking to redesign teams to perform in the digital world.”

Matthijs Geuzinge
COO at The Mobile Company

A Playbook to Lead Your Team in the Right Direction

Your business strategy and tactics bound in a thin playbook will become the go-to content to stay on track as you build your team:

  • A game plan to achieve long-term goals

  • Workflows to get short-term results

  • Team member roles to clarify who to hire


Find Your Team-Challenge Fit

€ 1.790
  • Seven 2-hour, 1-on-1 online sessions

  • 28 hours of homework assignments

  • On-going feedback on your content

Training scheduled based on your preferred dates.

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