It takes a team to get a Successful product to market

If you are launching a new product to market, you have the responsibility to reach a specific business goal. This responsibility comes with tight deadlines, which you know won't be met without a team effort. But you are painfully aware that high-performing teams don't magically come together. And that's where you come in!

To become a strong leader and Achieve your business goal, you have to master the basics of team design

But it’s not as easy as it seems…

  • Team coordination takes up most of your time

  • Many tasks seem complex and boring

  • Most frameworks are too theoretical

  • Everyone expects you to find your own way

  • You feel stretched in 1.000 directions

  • Lack of focus is draining your energy

This Team Design Training teaches you how to create the clarity your team needs to thrive. You'll be able to see through the complexity and design a high-performing team that can rise to your business challenge.


Training Modules

In a 7-week program, I’ll take you through my signature team-challenge framework. In our 1-hour weekly online sessions, you’ll learn how to create the playbook you need to lead a team that can rise to your business challenge.



Learn an approach to building a team that fits the big picture right from the start.


Make A Team Plan

Clearly define what you want to achieve and visualize the milestones to get there.


Frame A Team Culture

Define clear guiding principles so your team knows what to expect from each other.


Choose A Leadership Style

Decide how you go about making decisions that affect team planning & deliverables.


Prioritize Team Challenges

Clarify who in the team needs to do what in order to meet business objectives.


Define Development Needs

Know your numbers and introduce productivity habits to improve performance.


Pitch Your Playbook

I'll help you polish your playbook before you present it to your team.

A team playbook will help you Lead with clarity

You have what it takes to lead a team

You've always had the feeling that, if you were in the lead, you would do things differently. You want to be seen as a thinker, doer, and motivator. A team lead that makes a difference.

But you are not sure you will succeed

You have too many ideas running around in your head. Making you feel confused and insecure about whether you have what it takes to lead a team. You know you need focus to deliver results, but you are not sure where to start.

A team playbook will help you lead your team in the right direction

All that great teams really need is a clear sense of purpose, belonging, and responsibility. Having a thin 10-page playbook will help you break through the complexity and build the team you need to deliver business results.

At the end of the training you Will be able to

  • Plan with the end goal in mind

  • Spot your team's development needs

  • Create the clarity your team needs to succeed


Team Design Training

€ 1.790
  • Seven 1-hour one-on-one online sessions

  • 30 hours of homework assignments

  • On-going feedback on your content

Training scheduled based on your preferred dates


Online Courses

Not sure whether this training is for you? Give it a shot on your own.

I broke down my training into 3 online courses, so you can work on them at your own pace.

And, if after completing the online courses you still feel like you need help, you can apply for the personal training or start with a 90-minute strategy session.

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