Priortize your hires

Agree on a code

Find your rhythm

You Should Not Leave Your Team Culture Unattended

If you ignore your team dynamics long enough, you are bound to run into these issues sooner or later:

  • Productivity suffers due to lack of alignment

  • Friction appears due to poor communication

  • You face the loss of talented team members

  • It's hard to attract the right people to join team

  • Lack of a positive feeling hits engagement levels

  • You consistently underperform as a team

In this training, you will learn how to sharpen your strategy and tactics and bind them within a playbook that creates the clarity your team needs to rise to your business challenge.


Team Culture Modules

In 4-weeks, you will define a clear recruitment strategy, define your team's guiding principles, and find a communication style that fits your team.

In the end, you will understand the basics for building a strong team culture and how to prioritize who you hire to improve your team dynamics.

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Sharpen your recruitment strategy

Learn to prioritize the types of team members you need to hire and the roles they will fill to take your business to the next level.


Agree on a Team Code

Learn to define your purpose and guiding principles so team members know what to expect from each other.


Set a communication rhythm

Learn to define a team communication approach for making decisions that affect team planning & deliverables.


Bring It All Together

Add a chapter to your playbook that you can use to onboard new team members more efficiently.


How to Build Strong Team Dynamics

€ 970
  • Four 1-hour, 1-on-1 online sessions

  • 12 hours of homework assignments

  • On-going feedback on your content

Training scheduled based on your preferred dates.

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Master class for Innovation & Accelerator Programs

Are you an Incubator or Accelerator Manager looking for help to design modules for your innovation programs?

I've designed innovation programs for large, global organizations and coached 100s of startups and corporate innovation teams on the topics of Lean Startup, Business Modelling, Go-to-Market, Brand Thinking, and Brand Marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this trainings for?

This training is for a startup or corporate venture leader who has successfully gotten a new product or service to market and wants to learn how to build a team culture before scaling the business.

What is my time investment?

You will need at least 1 hour a week for our workshop session. The rest will depend on how much time you spend preparing for the sessions, but most participants spend somewhere between 3 to 5 hours a week.

So, around 16 hours spread throughout the 4-week program.

How theoretical or practical is this course?

I would say 20% theory and 80% practical exercises.

We start each session by reviewing the assignments you prepared and answering any questions you might have. After that, I will briefly introduce the new module, backed with some examples, and then brainstorm how the theory applies to your situation.

Will I have access to the training material after I finish?

Yes, I will share all the workbook exercises and case studies we cover during the training in a downloadable pdf format.

What does ongoing support mean?

During the training weeks, you can reach me through email, phone, or Slack to ask any questions about the content outside of the agreed training days.


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Team Culture is the Second Training in the Team Design Program

If you haven't already, I recommend you start with the Team Strategy training to make the best use of time during this training.

Team Strategy

Set a clear strategy and clarify what team roles are essential to succeed.

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Team Culture

Agree on a code and know who to hire to maintain fluid team dynamics.

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Team Performance

Know when to switch tactics and focus on developing your team.

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