3 Reasons Why Your Team Needs Business Tactics

If your team is confused, double guessing what to do next, you have a problem…

Team tactics are hundreds of individual actions team members make at the service of the strategy. Tactics may fail and that’s okay. The art is to spot why it failed, adjust and try again.

Many leaders struggle to cope with failure, and quickly start looking for people to blame. The reality is that high-performing teams are forged one failure after another. It’s the ability to quickly adjust team tactics depending on the business situation that differentiates a great team from the rest.

As the team leader, your responsibility is to make sure the team basics are in place: 

  1. Team members know what to do at all times
  2. Team members understand how their actions contribute to success.
  3. Team members agree on what to improve

Just imagine your team. One that knows what they need to do depending on the business situation. One in which no one does things blindly, without seeing how they fit in the bigger picture. And, last but not least, consistently agree on how to improve to get better results…the sky is the limit.

You can have the best business strategy, but at the end success is all in the execution. Try. Fail. And, quickly adapt and try again. If you get this into your team mechanics, you will find the right tactic to achieve your business goal.

And if you don’t, you need to rethink your strategy...