Team-Challenge Fit Course

If you are reading this, it probably means you are facing a business challenge you cannot tackle on your own. Whether that challenge is righting a wrong, improving business results, or disrupting your industry, you are going to need a team to succeed

Basically, the greater your challenge, the more awesome your team needs to be.

You probably have a great business idea, and you know the importance of building the right team to achieve it. But, like most leaders, you have a problem. The problem is great teams do not just magically come together

You can take talented techies, designers, or marketers and bring them together. But without leadership, they will fail to become a high-performing team. Teams typically get confused by a lack of direction, a lack of team culture, or even a lack of ability to focus on getting the right things done. The reality is that only a few leaders have the time and headspace to do the team design work needed to build the high-performing team they need to tackle their business challenge.

This online course will help you clarify your business challenge and design the team you need to succeed.

It's a course for first-time leaders looking to build a team from scratch or for more experienced ones looking to fix a mismatch between their business challenge and the reality of what their team can handle.

I'm not going to give a super theoretical masterclass on leadership. No. There are already plenty of courses, gurus, and frameworks out there on how to become a great leader. 

I’m going to give you some simple advice on how to design a high-performing team, based on my experience over the last ten years doing just that across companies of all types and sizes.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to:

  1. Define your business challenge
  2. Design the team you need 
  3. Find your team challenge fit that will enable you  to succeed

Are you ready? Let's go!

This is the first of a three course series

A series of online courses to help innovators design strong teams able to tackle their business challenge.

Team-Challenge Fit

Define your dot on the horizon and clarify the team roles you'll need to get there.

SIgn up

Team Branding

Create a code your team can follow to nurture a strong team culture.

Coming 2022

Team Performance

Choose your team tactics and track progress to improve results.

Coming 2022

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