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Most leaders have crystal clear goals, but struggle to design a team that delivers the expected results. If you recognize yourself in this, it's probably due to a mismatch between your team's performance and the business challenge they need to tackle.

In this session, I will guide you through a series of exercises to help you identify the root cause behind this mismatch. The beauty, as they say, is that a problem properly framed is half solved.

A good team design can bring out the finest version of your team. It gives them a sense of belonging, purpose, and responsibility that motivates them to rise up to the challenge. When done correctly, you will see your team transform. It will make you a confident, credible leader your team will follow to chase any business goal.

What can you expect from the session?


challenge Analysis

I will help you spot any blindspots on how you describe your business challenge.


team strategy

I will challenge you to set a clear team goal and define the strategy to reach it.


Action plan

I will spar with you to create a roadmap your team can follow.

“After 3 years of running to get Meet jack to market, it was a relief to have Ángel guide me through the process of designing our marketing team. Boost of energy to see how small changes had such a positive impact on our marketing results.”

Marjolein Pleune
Co-Founder of Meet Jack

“Ángel’s branding and team management insights brought new energy and ideas to our scrum teams. I believe he will be a key asset for any organization, specially those looking to redesign teams to perform in the digital world.”

Matthijs Geuzinge
COO at The Mobile Company

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Team Strategy Session

€ 300
  • 90-minute one-on-one session

  • Homework assignment to prepare the session

  • Quick wins on how to clarify your team strategy

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