How Much is Lack of Structure Holding Your Team Back?

Leaders with a get-things-done mentality excel at scoring early business success. They have a rare gift to inspire and create the momentum that small teams need to get new products and services to market.

The challenge comes when it's time to take that initial success to the next level. How do you maintain the momentum that led to initial success? How do you keep the team engaged and hungry for more? How do you grow a team without losing that uniqueness that gave you a competitive edge?

My Approach

I typically join companies as an interim CEO or the right hand to a creative leadership team for 3 to 6 months to assess the company situation, find improvements, and embed changes to improve the way of working.

I break down my approach into 3 phases. And while I prefer projects in which I execute all three, I also step in to deliver any of the phases as a standalone project.



The goal of the assessment is to spot any friction points or misalignments that are holding the team back.

I review your current strategy and talk to key team members to get a sense of the current organization. Then I facilitate a workshop with the leadership team to present my findings and prioritize improvement opportunities.

Focus points

  • Business strategy

  • Strategic roadmap

  • Work streams


Team Blueprint

The goal is to clarify what you need to change to execute your strategic plan.

Following up on the improvements prioritized during the Team Assessment, I will describe the governance, roles, processes, and tools that would improve how the team works. Then, facilitate leadership workshops to fine-tune and plan how to embed the needed changes.

Focus points

  • Team governance

  • Roles & processes

  • Tools


Team Performance

The goal is to embed a systematic approach for the team to plan, execute, and report on the results delivered.

In the implementation phase, I will oversee the team planning and reporting process until it runs smoothly and consistently generates the insights the leadership team needs to make business decisions.

Focus points

  • Priority setting

  • Performance dashboards

  • Team delivery rhythm

“Ángel’s branding and team management insights brought new energy and ideas to our scrum teams. I believe he will be a key asset for any organization, specially those looking to redesign teams to perform in the digital world.”

Matthijs Geuzinge
COO at The Mobile Company

“After 3 years of running to get Meet jack to market, it was a relief to have Ángel guide me through the process of designing our marketing team. Boost of energy to see how small changes had such a positive impact on our marketing results.”

Marjolein Pleune
Co-Founder of Meet Jack

“I liked the structure. The roadmap we built with concrete milestones made it easy to plan the next steps and understand the resources that I would need in each phase to set my team up for success.”

Carol da Diva
Director of The Bridge @ Green School

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