Here is the situation

I broke down my Team Design Training into three online courses, a series of practical exercises on designing a high-performing team that can rise to your business challenge. 

Before I turn the course material into a self-paced video course, I would like to test them on a few team leads facing the challenge of designing a team to get a product to market.

By joining the pilot, you help me test a few assumptions and fine-tune the script before I film the course videos. As for me, I will personally help you through the workbook exercises so that you experience my Team Design Training for the symbolic price of €179.

3 Pilot programs to choose from

You can apply for all 3 pilot programs, or to a specific one that calls out to you most. Each pilot program will be a one-on-one training.

Team-Challenge Fit

Define your dot on the horizon and clarify the team roles you'll need to get there.

  • Three 1-hour online sessions

  • Price: €179

Team Branding

Create a code your team can follow to nurture a strong team culture.

  • Three 1-hour online sessions

  • Price: €179

Team Performance

Choose your team tactics and track progress to improve results.

  • Three 1-hour online sessions

  • Price: €179

Are these pilot courses for you?

I created these courses to help team leads design the team they need to tackle their current business challenge. So this course is for you if...

  • You sweat every time you're asked to explain your challenge

  • It's mission impossible to make a realistic strategic roadmap

  • You aren't sure what roles you need on your team to succeed

  • You always struggle to prioritize the right work

  • You are not sure how to track team progress

  • You're scared of drowning your team in confusion

Apply for pilot program

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Are you interested, but the dates and times above don't work for you? Go ahead and apply. If there is enough interest, I will plan a second round.

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